Pelham Citizen Survey

As our community adjusts to the changing times and related challenges, it is more important than ever to hear from the residents we serve. The results of this survey are a valuable tool for understanding residents’ perceptions of local government, the services we provide, and community priorities. 


The survey is mailed to a random sample that is representative of the citizens in our community and was informed by the latest U.S. Census data. Moving forward, the Citizen Survey will be conducted at regular intervals and will be a regular part of the City's planning processes. It will also help city leadership measure where certain areas have improved or where attention may be needed. We value citizen engagement and intend to use survey results to make important long-range planning and investment decisions.

Those who received surveys gave opinions on the City’s quality of life, including residential and commercial development, public safety, mobility, management, and recreational programs.

2022 Pelham Citizen Survey Results

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